reHealthAfrica is about reThinkingreDesigningreImagining and redoubling efforts to unlock the potential of mobile Health and wellness innovation in Africa. Our vision offers a future of personalised, participatory and inclusive Healthcare for all the citizens of Africa.

As a community of innovators, researchers, technologist, entrepreneurs and designers we endeavour to establish a vibrant mobile Health and Wellness Innovation Ecosystem that will become the foundation of and provide the support needed for fledgling innovations and far out ideas to become reality.

To join our community please follow us here or on any of our social media channels and contribute to the conversation and resources. Lets reHealth Africa!

reHealthAfrica is a proud initiative by the Department of Science & Technology, CSIR Meraka and mLab Southern Africa and we invite organisations large and small, public and private to join us in empowering more local innovation in the mHealth, mWellness and the general medTech sector.

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