mLab Southern Africa joins the International DEMOLA Network with the first DEMOLA launched in Cape Town.

In May the mLab Southern Africa and the Demola Network announce a partnership to launch Demola in South Africa.

Cape Town, South Africa, August 1, 2016 – mLab Southern Africa today kicked of the new partnership announced earlier this year as part of the international DEMOLA Network.

The partnership sees the establishment of new Demola centres in South Africa, facilitated by mLab Southern Africa and hosted as part of the mLab’s youth and innovation ecosystem.

“This is a very exciting new chapter for mLab and the local innovation ecosystem. South Africa has an abundance of talented youth studying at university, talent that should actively participate and contribute our country’s R&D capacity. Broader participation by youth and industry is essential if we wish to reach the R&D investment target of 1.5% of GDP. Demola offers us a proven model and an international network to connect multidisciplinary students and industry. It will also help create new wealth because the students own the intellectual property and the business partners have potential to license it after 4 months of development in the programme” Derrick Kotze, CEO mLab Southern Africa noted in May.

The first DEMOLA in South Africa is now hosted in Cape Town and will become a flagship hub for the partnership as it expands to more cities.

The DEMOLA will bring together local and international Industry, SMME’s and multidisciplinary students to develop solutions for real industry challenges. The first DEMOLA season kicked off today in Cape Town and has a dedicated mHealth & Wellness stream supported by the CSIR under the banner of reHealth Africa (#rehealthafrica).

The DEMOLA network stretches across 11 countries and 14 locations linking together over 50 Universities and 600 Company Partners.

reHealth Africa, as an initiative between the CSIR and mLab Southern Africa, aims to unlock the mHealth & wellness (medtech or digital health) economy in Africa. “Its really exciting to see several health and wellness challenge in this first season and we are eager to see how the teams innovate around these and produce potentially viable and scalable demos. This will be a great example of how Industry and university students can work together to build solutions but potentially also startups to commercialise the IP.” Derrick Kotze, CEO mLab Southern Africa

What is Demola?

mLab Southern Africa is a technology accelerator and non-profit company (NPC) which focusses on skills development, product development and enterprise development within the technology innovation economy across the mobile, internet of things, data sciences and digital design verticals.

DEMOLA is an award winning Global co-creation platform for companies and universities to build a new innovation culture. Today there are 14 international Demola centers in 11 countries, integrated with 50 universities and more than 600 company partners.