Project Story

reHealthAfrica has partnered with DEMOLA Cape Town and Johannesburg to solve a number of interesting health & Wellness challenges. Students and Industry interested in solving these challenges through the DEMOLA innovation work & co-creation programme can apply at either or

DEMOLA is a 3 month facilitated co-creation programme with resources to help you develop demo solutions for a specific challenge. The reHealthAfrica challenges will be hosted at mLab Cape Town and Resolution Circle in Johannesburg.

One innovative application of video games in health care is their use in pain management. The degree of attention needed to play such a game can distract the player from the sensation of pain, a strategy that has been reported and evaluated among paediatric patients.

The field of health games is going through a combinatorial explosion, where declining technology costs, growing clinical and professional interest in games, and an increasingly refined understanding of what makes health games work are shaping a variety of trends that are shaping the landscape for health games.

The Problem:
reHealthAfrica is interested in how the use of technologies such as VR-gear or oculus rift can be used in conjunction with orthotic devices to aid in the care and recovering of persons using prosthetics.

Skills Match for this project:

Video Games in Health Care